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With something as important as your life, who can you trust for direction?
Guidance for greater devotion.

Men and women who have heard the Lord’s calling and devoted their lives to spreading His ministry are an especially blessed breed. Yet one’s time in the seminary, or one’s commitment as a pastor, can lead to oft-unexpected stresses and uncertainties. And quite simply, those who choose a life of service to the Lord and humankind are often times without counsel for themselves.

Viewing one’s ministry as both passion and profession, Crosswise founder and Presbyterian elder Tom O’Neil assists seminary students and pastors in better identifying their personal pitfalls and potentials. Tom's expertise as pastoral coach is being put to use in aiding graduates at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Combining spiritual guidance with a pragmatic approach to one’s everyday work, Crosswise coaching can help today’s seminary students and pastors re-evaluate their strengths, while rekindling their spirit of service to the Lord.

Coaching for seminary students and pastors

Coaching begins with Birkman Method® testing, which provides objective assessment of one’s assets, background, values and interests
An emphasis is placed on meeting as equals in His Spirit
Crosswise sessions can occur in person or via phone
Scheduling is flexible, and coaching is personally and professionally confidential

For more specifics on Crosswise coaching, visit our How It Works page.

Scholarships are available.
Crosswise offers seminary students and pastors access to scholarships that can be applied toward our coaching program. To find out more, please contact Crosswise.