Crosswise For the Life of Your Business and the Business of Your Life
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With something as important as your life, who can you trust for direction?
How does Crosswise coaching work?

Crosswise is a coaching experience that is powered by the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Each session begins and ends with prayer.
We pray every day for each other and for the work we are doing.
We meet as equals in His Spirit and work through issues together.
We look for His Peace in your life and your business, joining Him there in that work.

Crosswise is a coaching experience that provides a safe place for you to seek vision, direction and focus for life.
The Birkman Method® is used to provide objective assessments and as a basis for appreciating your strengths, background, values and interests.
Self-assessment exercises provide a complementary bridge to reconnect with past successes and accomplishments.
Personal interaction helps you identify the skills you have used in your most successful endeavors.
You receive informed guidance in deciding how to use your skills going forward.

Crosswise is a coaching experience that is like no other. Together we will:
Clearly identify the results you desire, looking to His standards as criteria for success.
Recognize the behaviors, old and new, that are required to achieve the results you want.
Evaluate the behaviors that limit the achievement of results.

Assess the beliefs that keep you choosing behaviors that restrict your performance.

  • Reframe those beliefs and the behaviors they support with behaviors more likely to achieve the desired results.
  • Coach for the results, recognizing achievements as they occur and seeking affirmation in the community that supports the changes you are making.